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Eastside ants exterminators big small tiny sugar kitchen pest control

Armies of ants will typically invade the home for the most important thing: food. The pesky pests are on the hunt for sugar sources and greasy food. Knowing what type of ant that is infiltrating the home will help to prevent and battle the infestation.
Extremely important not to leave food on the stove overnight, especially uncovered pots and pans. Dishes unwashed, full of leftovers on kitchen counters a huge no no. If this occurs and dirty dishes and cookware are left overnight, then it won’t be a huge surprise to find the unwanted visitors in the morning. House Ant Infestation has begun. 
Dog and cat food bowls: need to be kept clean. No leftovers in the bowls.
Floor swept if the pet food has been spilled.
Mr. Clean : make sure to mop up spills right away with dish soap that naturally deters ants.
Clean garbage cans: Keep all indoor and outdoor garbage cans sanitized.
Sugar ants:
The stinky house ants are the soldiers of annoyance. These armies of ants are definitely a very common invader. The pests are to be counted on to show up when Spring arrives. The measurement of an ant is about one-eighth of an inch or smaller. Watch out because the home can be a prime target for an ant invasion.
The Pavement Ants:
Pavement Ants are brown to black and about 1/10th of an inch long. The Pavement Ant no doubtedly will set up the army base in close proximity to driveways and patios. Scout will then be sent out to search for food located in the home. The ants will attack full force in the kitchen. Also anywhere there is food left out or garbage that is full of prime pickins. The pests love to eat meat, greasy and fatty food and even seeds. The Pavement Ants will also make a feast on live or dead bugs. A very important piece of information about the Pavement Ants pests is that the troops will sting and bite if disturbed.
Carpenter ants:
Carpenter Ants are black and measuring up to half an inch long. The main source of food they will look for would be protein. Sugar is not what the pests look for. Indicative of the pests name is that the ants will eat right through wood to find nesting locations. Watch for small piles of frass which is simply piles of wood shavings. The small piles of wood shavings are commonly found under door frames or windows and are signs of carpenter ants.
Moisture ants are larger — about 4 to 4.5 mm long and and are strong indicator that there is excessive water in the home somewhere. Make sure to check kitchen, laundry room and all bathrooms.Find the sources of moisture. Try to figure out what are the conditions conducive to the water build-up that is attracting the pesty ants. Check for standing water outside, and for leaks indoors.
The biggest and foremost thing to prevent an ant infestation is to keep the home as clean as possible. Scout ants in your home are the number one enemy. As soon as the ants leader is spotted, it’s time to exterminate immediately. It is imperative that the kitchen counters are wiped down on a daily basis. After each meal is served the garbage should be put in tight sealed garbage cans. Don’t leave food sitting out anywhere in the home.
Be aware of all sources of moisture in the home and try to keep to a munimum. Huge attractions fir Moisture Ants. Bushes and plants need to be kept trimmed and away from the home, especially the roof.
Use pea gravel instead of mulch against the foundation.
Winter’s wood pile: keep wood and wood products at least a foot away from the home. A wood pile infestation can become a huge attack on a home quickly.
Household ant problems often start outdoors where landscaping, cracks, and gaps attract these pests and then provide entry inside. Sure there are many home remedies to try to eliminate the armies of ants. One needs an excellent House Ant Pest Control expert. Again, it’s time to call not “Ghost Busters II,” but call AMPM Exterminators for professional services to take care of the House Ant Infestation attack.Sugar ants are one of the biggest problems for residents of the Pacific Northwest. Exterminators effective ant control techniques: seattle extermiantors,seattle pest control,Eastside exterminators,Eastside pest control

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