Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Rats are running rampant in the Puget Sound area due to the change of
seasons. Here in the Pacific Northwest can mean an Indian Summer in the
Fall. Or it goes directly into cooler temperatures and rainy weather. Rats
start scrambling for shelter, food and water. The nasty pests are
territorial and will fight off other scavengers to maintain the rats home
established in this case, a food warehouse.

Rats Mice have scrambled into a Seattle Food Warehouse:

Once the rats have gained entry into this Seattle food commercial business,
the infestation has now begun. In the busy work days, a lot of telltale
signs are missed as to how the vermin got into a business filled with all
kinds of food. There should have been a daily check of the perimeter of the
building to look for holes, cracks and crevices. Rats can tunnel a long way
just to get to food, water and protection from predators. Rats can fall up
to fifty feet and come out unscathed. Which makes it easy for the fearless
climbers to scamper across tree branches and power lines. The nasty pests
can squeeze through openings the size of a quarter which makes it easy to
gain access to the warehouse. AMPM Exterminators have expertise and
experienced technicians to knock this rat infestation out of the park.

Do Not Hesitate to EXTERMINATE Disease carrying MICE AND RATS

Rats are laden with diseases and bacteria and historically known to have
been the carriers for the Bubonic plague. This disease has been responsible
for millions of deaths worldwide. Rats are a huge problem due to the
disease. Rats will choose to live near humans because of food and
garbage/waste providing meals and a a safe haven. Warehouse Managers should
not ignore a rat or mice infestation. Self-help measures may not be
effective in eliminating the problem which means the rats are constantly
reproducing. The infestation is steadily growing. All employees are in
danger of contracting diseases by being in contact with the rats feces,
nests, or food that the Rats have touched or eaten from. It's time to call
AMPM Exterminators for the professional pest eliminator that is needed for
this huge rat infestation.

Conditions conducive outside of the Food Warehouse to find possible reasons for Rat

Traffic headaches and rising housing costs are causing grief for
Seattleites. But another reason for the recent growth spurt of rats is,
perhaps, from the Seattle construction boom. Also a huge hint of
possibilities for rats running wild is if there are building demolitions
going on around the area. This food warehouse business was in the wrong
place at the wrong time. Old buildings were being taken down that housed
many rodents and thus the big gangs of rats on the prowl for a new home.

How to gain control over a Rat Infestation:

The ever growing construction sites in the Greater Seattle Area can be a
contributing factor to the rat infestation issues. This will affect the
surrounding Homes and Commercial businesses. Keep in mind that rats
reproduce at a high rate so taking action to get rid of the pests is
necessary. To get control over the rat infestation it was now crunch time
and call in the Rat Busters the pest control services, AMPM Exterminators,
for an experienced professional to eliminate the rats.

A Pest Eliminator will give instructions to reduce chances of Rat

Food shipments should be checked immediately as a normal part of the work
flow. This is the opportune time to refuse shipment due to rat infestation.
It's wise to do these checks before goods are unloaded. In order to be a
pest-free business this important step should be mandatory. By following
this simple step would save time, stress and the financial bottom line. By
taking those extra few minutes to look for rats in the trucks. AMPM
Exterminators that services for Commercial Pest Control will share these
type of instructions.

Prevention Pest Control tips for Rat Infestation:

Food Storage:

Take inventory of all food storage areas for rat infestation. It would be
a wise move to split the food into different sections. Simply because if
one food bin has been infested than it may take a little longer for the
other food items to become tainted. By investigating all inventory
immediately after rats have been spotted then action can be taken to try to
save the rest of the inventory. Remember to rotate the food. Get rotten
goods out immediately. Dispose of all garbage on a daily basis.
Educate the facility’s employees to pay attention to detail when it comes
to shipments. Which will greatly and effectively lessen your chances of a
rodent infestation this winter. A great motto in Invest a dime to save


Yep, Rats were scrambling to find homes due to change of seasons and a Food
Warehouse was its target. But AMPM Exterminators was the choice of pest
control elimination. The company's motto is customer's first. The trained
and professional technicians take pride in services provided in King County
areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, Everett, Bothell and
Issaquah and more. AMPM Exterminators are available to residential homes,
apartments, commercial businesses including hotels, restaurants, schools
and industrial establishments including warehouses and grocery stores. AMPM
Exterminators has several years of inspections and know that the clients
deserve customized solutions for the pest problems. Learn about pest
control pricing process by calling or visiting the website.
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